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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our BCC Members Ringing the Bells for 15+ Years

Brockville Country Club members have been performing as "Bellringers" for the Salvation Army Christmas-time Kettle Program for the last 15+ years. The location over these years for the BCC kettle has been the uptown LCBO. And when you consider that this one kettle "manned" by our BCC member-volunteers brings in over 25% of the total Christmas Kettle contributions; you can understand the good-cheer being brought by our members.
The BCC Bellringer program has been coordinated over the last many years by Ross Henniger, with help from John Thompson and Maureen Darby. Ross indicates the "long-timers" who got the BCC program started and spent many hours out in the winter weather (yup, they are now inside the foyer) are John Thompson, Jack Butt, Doug Peacock, Henry Horbay). Ross stated that the BCC LCBO kettle over the past 4 years has brought in $98,000.00.
BCC Bellringing members for the 2013 Christmas season are: Dixie & Annie; Bob Anderson; Pam A & Margaret; Jim Bamford; Mary B & Anne M; Tim Blake; D. Bryer; Maureen Bryer; C. Brady; J. Butt; B & L Campbell; B. Chick; Maureen D & Vivian W; Dave Dargie; R. Davison; Peter Dawson; John Fullarton; Mo Gariepy; C. Hansen; Ernie H & Tim B; R Henniger; Henry Horbay; Jack & Loreen Hughes; Dave Hurd; B&B Hurford; B & W Johnson; Fred Joyce; Bill Juhasz; Rita Kilpatrick; Yvonne Kyle; Bob Larocque; Bill Logan; D & J Lousley; B&P MacAdam; Stuart MacDonald; Anne MacMillan; J & Gay Mailloux; M & D Metcalfe; Pattie Mooibroek; Don Neilson; John Nightingale; J & D O'Reilly; D Peacock; D Presley; D Publow; John Quigley; R & S Rhodes; Stan Ritchie; K & J Robinson; Rick Sands; Marson Smith; Sandy Stewart; Nat Tennant; Gerri T & Nora W; J Thompson;Dave & Lorna Vanbridger; Nora White; Vivian Wright.
That is 74 Brockville Country Club members helping out from Nov 15th until Dec 24th to enable some Christmas Cheer to be brought to Brockville and area. CONGRATULATIONS Ross Henniger and team for your dedication to the Salvation Army's Kettle Program. And from all members of the BCC, a very Merry Christmas.

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