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Monday, October 19, 2015

Great Turnout for BCC "Swing & Sweep"

Saturday October, 17, 2015:  The Brockville Country Club held its "Swing and Sweep" on Saturday with 20 teams (80 participants) taking part. Each team curled two 4-ender games on the BCC's fine 6-sheet curling rink. Yup, the compressor pump has been repaired and curling is under way. Teams from Brockville, Kemptville and Ottawa participated.
Following lunch, everyone headed to their golf carts and the golf course for a shotgun start and 9 holes of golf. The course was in great shape. The weather was fair, but not ideal so everyone just bundled up.
Following golf, it was back to the bar, then dinner was served in the golf lounge as a wedding reception was going on upstairs in the main dining room at the same time (hats off to our staff!!). Then it was time for the prizes. First, 2nd and 3rd team prizes were awarded, then a bunch of draw prizes. It was a tie for the win, so the teams of Matt Hone, Kevin Cook, Shawn Pyke and Cory Burns split the sum of 1st & 2nd golf shop sweeps with the team of Jon O'Reilly, Mike O'Reilly, Cole Spicer and Matt Rankin.
You can figure out who-is-who in the photo. Congratulations to organizers Jonathan O'Reilly (red jacket) and Mark Peacock (back left clapping) for running a great 2015 "Swing & Sweep" and to BCC staff for ensuring everything came off right on schedule.